Pagico Standard 6.6

Project admin tool for collaborative projects


  • Very nice GUI
  • Enables you to be more organised
  • Excellent for collaborating on projects


  • Does not allow you to share documents at the same time


Pagico is designed to help you be more organised and more productive. it's there for educators, professors, students, lecturers etc who need an easy-to-use knowledge base for their work and research. It enables you to centralize all kinds of data under specific topics, manage project-specific and person-specific tasks, record activities (like history) of students or team members.

The key to this program is that all contents are interlinked together automatically, building your knowledge base in no time effortlessly. However, it does not allow you to share or to work in shared documents but offers sophisticated tools to control the activity of your equipment, to manage files and tasks, to relate tasks to the activity of your equipment, etc.

The look of Pagico is very attractive with an excellent GUI. It comes with a polished colour scheme that's designed to help you remember ideas, documents and a system of tags to organize it. It also includes contacts, with the possibility of assigning tasks.

This is a superb collaborative working tool that will make even the most disorganised student or teacher more efficient.

In the world of business, people want things done as fast as possible. Pagico, your personal knowledge base, is out there to help you boost your productivity.

Organize data and tasks together with "topics," manage your relationships, and connect your data with your relationships seamlessly.



Pagico Standard 6.6

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